About Healing with Doctor Glasser  
About Dr. Joyce Glasser

Joyce Fern Glasser is licensed in Florida as a Mental Health Counselor with hundreds of hours of training in the use of hypnosis and over 25 years of experience using it.

Dr. Glasser specializes in surfacing the beliefs about oneself that are behind each problem presented for therapy. Much more likely than not, these subconsciously held beliefs about oneself were not fully, nor even formerly, in the person's conscious awareness. Bringing into one's conscious awareness one's truths allows for the freedom to change. Various hypnotic inductions with which to bring forward such truths are used. With one's truths, Core Healing for each problem presented for therapy becomes easy. Heightened self-confidence and inherent calm are the overall rewards that such a journey affords let alone the potential to no longer be governed by self defeating self concepts.

Dr. Glasser is a member of the Florida Society
of Clinical Hypnosis.

Dr. Glasser's picture is to the left. Below is her Curriculum Vita.

Degrees held:
Ph.D. with majors in clinical psychology and research
M.Ed. In Educational Administration
B.A. with majors in English and Education

License held:
Mental Health Counselor (Florida MH0130; status: current)

Colleges Attended:
Florida State University 1977-1980
National College of Education 1963-1964
Lake Forest College 1956-1959
Briarcliff College 1955-1956

Continuing Education:
(a partial list)
Dissociative States: Multiple Personality and other Trauma- Related Disorders (6CEUs)
The Psycho-pharmacology of Anti-depressants, Anxiolytics and Anti-psychotics for the Health Professional (6 CEUs)
Introductory Patterns of Hypnosis, Myths, Language Patterns (10 CEUs)
Using Hypnosis in Therapy (6 CEUs)
Ericksonian Hypnosis Workshop (7 CEUs)
Stress Research, Findings, Applications (3 CEUs)
Clinical Hypnosis (20 CEUs)
Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy (4 CEUs)
A Workshop on Clinical Hypnosis (8 CEUs)
Brain Mapping & Neuro-Cognitive Testing (2 CEUs)
Women & Addictions (2 CEUs)
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Training & Education Program (6 CEUs)
Sexuality & Spirituality - Men's Issues in the 1990's (3 CEUs)
Advances in Cognitive Therapy (6 CEUs)
Bi-Polar Disorder in Adolescents & New Pharmacological Treatment of Bi-Polar Disorders (2 CEUs)
The Anti-Social Adolescent (5 CEUs)
Alcohol & Drug Addiction: A Community Problem (2 CEUs)
Coping with Difficult People (10 CEUs)
On Death & Dying (10 CEUs)
Love (10 CEUs)
Recent Advances in Reality Therapy (6 CEUs)
An Introduction to Rational Emotive Therapy with Adults, Children & Families (6 CEUs)
Cognitive Therapy of Depression (3 CEUs)
Cultural Values In Human Relations (3 CEUs)
Eating Disorders (7 CEUs)
Behavior Therapy with Children (7 CEUs)
Manhood: Addiction & Recovery from the Male Life Cycle (2 CEUs)
Multi-Modal Treatment of Cardiac Patients (5 CEUs)
Innovations in Adolescent Psychotherapy (3 CEUs)
Hypnosis & False Memory (20 CEUs)
Ethical & Practical Uses of Hypnosis (20 CEUs)

Positions Held:
Mental Health Counselor (23 years, of which one was spent treating eating disorders at a psychiatric hospital)
Director of Federally Funded Programs (3 years)
Educator (15 years)

Core Healing: Dissolving the Dis - eases of Our Times,
Heart of the Golden Triangle Publishers, Eustis, 2007

The Elementary School Learning Center for Independent Study, Parker Publishers, West Nyack, 1971, English and Spanish Editions

Board Member of the Retreat Hospital, 1992
President of the Mental Health Professionals at The Retreat, 1992
Service award as Director of Federally funded programs, 1976
Listed in Who's Who of American Women, 1976
Meritorious pay raise after first year of teaching, 1960

Other Professional Experience:
Lecturer and seminar leader
Taught graduate level extension courses for the National College of Education

Media Exposure:
Newspaper: the advantages of Core Healing written about in various articles

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