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Lack of Motivation
"My Eden seems to be reworking itself every day and I'm loving it. Thank you, again, for all that you are and seeing my potential."

Misuse of Time
"Dr. Glasser, every year at this time I will be thinking of you-you are my angel of mercy. All is well and I will be enjoying my family and friends this holiday season. I wanted to be sure to extend my wishes for a blessed holiday to you and yours. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!"

Quit Smoking
"Thank you...what you do truly makes a difference...when the student is ready the teacher arrives."

"Am not obsessing anymore".

Weight Loss
"Have thus far lost 15 1/2 pounds about one pound per week. Am not reacting stressfully at work. Generally speaking, I feel immensely better."

"Am feeling awesome, very centered, really clear."

Nail Biting
"I feel lighter, like a 100 pounds have been lifted off of me."

Anxiety Resolution
"I feel good in both mind and spirit."

Weight Control
"I have lost nearly 130 pounds and feel that I deserve, for the first time ever, a healthy mind, body and spirit (nothing has ever tasted so good as feeling good feels!). I have another 80 pounds to go, but feel that losing weight this time is different than any other time I've lost weight; I am not depriving myself, nor feel that will power has anything to do with what I am accomplishing, but rather a healthy attitude that I deserve to feel good physically (something I never believed prior to our work together).Each day I am so thrilled to go to sleep FULL of my day, not food, not negativity."

Realtionship Issue
"Am free now to be happy and not push away my husband's love for me."
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