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Contact Dr. Glasser

For more information about taking a Core Healing and quite Enlightening journey, becoming free to attract truly loving relationships, achieving an easier path to weight loss, allleviating depression, ceasing anxiety attacks, improving your physical well-being, involving yourself in more wholesome relationships, please feel free to call Dr. Glasser personally. She does her best to be available in the mornings to take calls directly.
Phone: 352-205-0836

Even if you do not live in Florida, when you call, keep in mind that the Core Healing process is so efficient that people literally travel from all over the United States as well as elsewhere in the world to experience the centeredness and serenity that results from the Core Healing process.

If you wish to use the net to communicate, write:
(So she knows it's not spam, a "C.H." will appear in the subject heading).

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