Healing with Dr. Glasser  
Healing... An Art Form

Healing is an art. Few professionals in the healing arts measure up as artists, just as relatively few of the millions of painters stood out as giants over the test of time.

True art speaks to us on a deeper level. Not only can we see, but we can feel the quality of the work. The source of light is always clear.

Psychotherapeutic healing as an art does not simply heal an
emotional upheaval or a negative pattern of behavior. True psychotherapeutic healing is an empowering adventure spiritually, behaviorally, emotionally, relationally and physically. Heal the mind, the body follows.

Talking about your problems such as losing weight, stopping smoking or feeling depressed and/or anxious can be helpful but this only engages one part of your mind - the conscious part. Empowerment occurs by accessing and correcting the negative thought processes, and images at the subconscious level, which is your computer center. Core Healing engages both minds - the conscious and the subconscious.

Dr. Glasser's goal is to facilitate a preponderance of positive beliefs through a delete and replace process at the subconscious level. Because the subconscious is the computer center of our beings, those positive beliefs will better govern an individual's life. The positive energy released contributes not only to the life force of that individual, but also affects the well being of those around the person. A pill to alter the neurotransmitters of the brain does not do those things. Pills do not cure emotional or behavioral problems. They palliate or create placebo effects.

A true psychotherapeutic journey wholesomely rewires the brain so to speak. What kind of psychotherapist can achieve such thorough outcomes? Psychotherapists who have walked through the valley of their own dark shadows and emerged into the Light can achieve such outcomes. How do you find such a psychotherapist? You can hear it in the voice, you can see it in the eyes, and you can view it in the countenance. These attributes are as important as any degree or license to practice hanging upon their wall. Remember, psychotherapists who actively engage in their own personal growth are more likely able to facilitate your healing.

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